Our Signature Class: What is Cardio BootCANp™? 

The Cal-Zone's signature program, Cardio BootCANp™, is based on high intensity intervals...you will box, burpee, use resistance bands, gliders and more! The variety keeps you on your toes and is geared to improve your overall cardiovascular system, tone your body, and prove that you can do anything. That is why we coined the term bootCANp. EVERYONE can do this and everyone can get results as we have modifications for each exercise. Our prior bootCANps were smashing successes with over 4,012 inches lost, cholesterol levels improved, glucose levels improved and more!

We redefine the ground-breaking 'Track' concept where we will shift our weekly focus from Track 1 - Arms, to Track 2 - Legs, Track 3 - Abs and more. This revolutionary format is changing people's bodies and garnering results that jump start metabolism and maximize results. Paired with eating correctly, your body will become a MACHINE. Understanding that your body works scientifically and that our brains work emotionally, and knowing the difference, will become your greatest asset in obtaining optimum health. Try a class - this is FOR ALL levels. That is the power and beauty of this class - people working together with one goal in mind, health! 

Event details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/424748038330001

During the Summer we bring our workouts outdoors and resume September 3, 2019. 

What people are saying...

"though not as fast as the rest of the ladies, I kept up just fine with my first session! I appreciate the fact we nail down the steps/routines first so each week I actually get a better workout because I can progress and do more. she is certainly on to something here!"

"very rare that you feel your instructor gets you and truly is on the same page."

"plain and simple, she is goddamn infectious."

"you sweat, a lot! and somehow she gets you to believe you can do anything. 13lbs gone!"

"for 4 years I kept starting and stopping, losing and gaining spending hundreds. it all clicked when I met Natalie. she keeps it casual and makes YOU decide to change. the bank doesn't break and she makes you feel special for lack of a better term. I can't express enough how breakthrough what she is doing - just grateful this 47 year found The CalZone and lost the 17 lbs that haunted me. still going and so so determined!"