"I found Natalie and my love for Zumba just over a year ago. For someone who has to be in control of everything, it is hard to admit to yourself that you are not in control of your weight. Looking at the same image in the mirror every day, it is hard to see your progress. It is even harder to feel proud of yourself and keep at it. The attached pictures are from an annual work event 4/2015 & 4/2016. These are my proof of what hard work, a lot of sweat, some tears and loads of fun can do! It is the same person but it is also a very different person. Different physically, mentally and emotionally. The quote "Hard Work Pays Off" has never made more sense to me than it does today! Much love to my wonderfully supportive husband for being there for me every step of this "hard" journey! To my Cal-Zone family - I'm so glad I found something I love, a place I love to do it and people that I love to do it with! Zumba on!!" Genie K.

"I have been going to the Cal-zone for a few months now, and I have to say I do brag about it. I am getting close to the "over the hill" club and I feel & see a difference. The variety of classes is suitable for ALL. You can go at your own pace. The women there are real women and fun too. I know I will not have the body I had 20 yrs ago but the Cal-zone is keeping me looking pretty good. I get something out of every class. I want to go and work out!! I wish I could Zumba like the Thursday night group, but eventually I will get the moves. Natalie is positive, compassionate and makes me laugh. All the instructors are focused on helping us stay fit & de-stress. Come give it a try!! You deserve it!!" Danielle D. 

"Ok, I had been hearing about this Calzone and wondered to myself, what the hell is this place??!!! Ever since I have walked through that door I have never looked back and only look forward at a healthier, happier lifestyle. You are greeted with a smile and a sign that says "My Happy Place". It truly is. The other clients are so welcoming and Natalie has a way of making you feel like you can do anything. I have joined Weight Watchers® as well and between the classes and eating right, I am down 8 lbs. I feel so good and now know after years of spending money on gyms, fitness programs and diets, I have to want to it and own it for it to work. Come check it out - Revere is so lucky to have this jewel as part of the community!" - Dianne G. 

"I promised myself that I would be healthy & quit smoking before my 40th birthday.  I gave myself a year of consistent workouts, whether it be at the gym, walking or cardio kick-boxing.  I turned 40 and accomplished my goal as well as a thing around my middle that I named good living. I just couldn't understand why I could not shake this from my middle?  I worked out 4 times a week ate well 80% of the time and drank the occasional martini on weekends along with a Filet and maybe a LOBSTER MAC & Cheese. I constantly looked bloated and felt it most of the time. My father was diagnosed with Diabetes at age 42 and died from complications of the disease at 51. I have been pre-diabetic for the past year and my mother was a nervous wreck that I needed to lose 10 -15 pounds & I was going to fall in my father footsteps.  In the meantime she would send me home or drop off Greek or Italian dishes and then tell me not to eat too much. I couldn't win.  I was eating fruit, Kale, granola and other 'healthy' foods all week and come the weekend the home made pizzalies or pasticho!  

This year I went to my yearly physical in mid- February she told me again you are still pre-diabetic and 'I really need to you lose 15 pounds'.  The way she said it to me I'm not going to lie I wanted to knock her out. I left there very hurt and couldn't wait to get to Zumba® Fitness that night.  I walked in showed Natalie what the Dr. wrote and asked her if she could help me.  After she gave me a hug (yes I was crying) she said 'you got this and you can do it!'  She handed me the Cardio BootCANp booklet and told me to drink hot water with lemon every morning (I swear this stuff is the key) and keep a food journal for my first 2 tips.   I'm not sure if she gave me super powers in that hug but it worked; something clicked!  No I don't need to lose the 15 pounds for the DR I needed to lose it for me & I was the person in charge of my health.  I have lost 13 pounds since March and I turned 42 in April.  I was working out for 3 years with no results and actually getting sick.  I tweaked my diet ( no refined sugar, flour or dairy except for Greek yogurt and eggs; no alcohol) I am also gluten intolerant so I lowered my carbs from those items and increased my lean protein and added more fresh veggies and berries for fruit as they are lower on the GI chart.  I will not lie the first 2 days were horrible, I had a headache and super irritable. This must have been the sugar withdrawal.  Why would I ever want to feel like this again I said or put this back in my body. On the 3rd day I woke up and felt like a million bucks! Do not get me wrong I will eat the good old comfort Greek & Italian foods but they are smaller portions & less frequent.  I am taking the Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED class 3 times a week and take a walk once or twice a week and I'm seeing definition in my muscles. If I can do this so can you.  Natalie thank you so much for giving me the tools and positivity to do this.  Like I said you are an Angel in disguise. XO" Nicole G.

"Over a year ago I was in the worst shape of my life and weighed more than I ever had. I had finally built up the courage to try Zumba® after spending a few months exercising in the gym and losing ten pounds. The trek up to the fourth floor at WSPA almost killed me. The class was packed. I couldn't breathe because of the stairs and I was nervous. Class began, I felt winded but I was having fun. The hour ended and I could not fathom how much sweat I produced. I never sweat like that at the gym. 

I started going to class every Saturday and before I knew it, Zumba® three days a week just wasn't enough. Zumba® was my gateway fitness. My body wanted to kick it up a notch and I had developed the drive to push myself. Natalie suggested I attend BootCaNp. She believed I was ready, so I believed I was ready. A new session was starting so I had no excuse not to go. Seven months have passed since my very first Zumba® class. Since then I've dropped an additional twenty five pounds by singing, dancing, and sweating through multiple Zumba® classes, Conditioning Club workouts, and two Cardio BootCaNp sessions. I have built confidence, burnt fat, and gained muscle. There is something empowering about being able to physically lift yourself up and dust yourself off. 

Simply put, The Cal-Zone's BootCANp and fitness classes yield results. I'm not particularly interested in the number on my scale, but it is nice to see the needle ticking down for a change. I've noticed that my true motivation comes from the realization that I have improved and will continue to improve, if I keep showing up. Two months ago, I hiked a mountain. Literally, a mountain. A year ago I could not have reached the summit and mentally I would not have even tried. They say, 'You have to climb the mountain if you want to see the view.' It will always be an uphill battle, but right now, the view looks pretty good and for that I thank Natalie." Jordan R.

"My Dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer on July 10, 2013. I was in Colorado taking care of my Mother, she had just been released from the hospital, when the devastating phone call came. I remember saying goodbye to my Aunt, staring at the phone in my hand and thinking life as I know it will never be the same again. I was right. My beloved Dad passed away 3 months later. September 17, 2013 .

The last 3 months of his life were not really very traumatic. I was able to see him, speak with him often and be part of his treatment plan. There were many phone calls of what to do, when to do it and how. We were very lucky in the sense that other than having this cancer diagnosis hanging over our heads my Dad was not suffering and well, he was just my Dad. That is not to say I was not extremely worried and when I am worried I eat. I ate a lot this past summer. Salted Caramel Gelato was my comfort and my best friend. I just ate and ate my feelings and worries away. I could feel myself gaining weight and because I was traveling so much I was missing my
Zumba®  classes which did not help the situation. I kept telling myself it all would be OK.

Dad passed and the eating and depression took on a whole new level. I was functioning and getting through my days but inside I was drowning in my grief. I missed my Dad. Food was the only thing that brought me comfort until it did not anymore. I had been eating my feelings for 6 months and really did not know where to go from there.
Zumba® classes with Natalie had always been my happy place. I love the friends I have made through her classes and I knew that going back would be like coming home and I would not be judged in my grief or in my weight gain. In November I slowly started attending classes again but was still struggling with my comfort eating. Natalie told me that she was considering running her next BootCANp with Weight Watchers involved. That sounded like something I thought I could try. It would be in a place I consider a safe and with people I know and trust. Natalie said "just come meet the WW leader Andrea, you will love her. She is one of us." I do not think even Natalie realized how nervous and emotional I was walking into that first meeting on January 1. I cried in the car before I went in, I was overweight, hurting emotionally and physically and felt like I was being held underwater. I knew I needed something and I hoped this was it.

And it was. From her first warm smile to the simplicity of the WW program I could feel myself getting excited. I could do this. I also love that Andrea told me the point value of wine within 10 minutes of the meeting. She was one of us! I also was very aware of Natalie's presence in the room offering her unconditional support as always and encouraging me with her smiles. I walked out of the meeting and started my new Journey that very day. I am not looking back. The last BootCANp felt like my coming out party. The friends I have made encouraged me in ways they probably did not even realize. I pushed myself harder and tried things I had never tried before. The more weight I lost the more I wanted to do. Between trying new recipes ( I ate spaghetti squash!) and trying new activities (Yoga, kickboxing, Bod Squad) I could feel myself breathing above water again which was even better than losing the weight. My journey is far from over and I will miss my Dad very day for the rest of my life but I feel stronger and more control of my grief eating thanks to
Zumba®, BootCANp and Weight Watchers. For me everything came together, made sense and kept my head above water when I started this journey with these wonderful groups. To anyone that is struggling like I was I would say just show up and take it one class, one meal, one day at a time because pretty soon you will find yourself breathing above water again and it is a better feeling than anything I felt in a long time." Janet C.

"I am a serial gym rat. I find a place, stay for while then move on thinking the establishment is the problem, not me. After 7 years and 5 gym memberships and 4 personal trainers, my coworker mentioned 'I try this girl out.' Right upon meeting Natalie I knew she might 'be the one'. We talked and talked and then she asked me 'what do you want?'. I knew I wanted to just feel good and look good but getting there was my challenge. She said she would show me how to get there but it would take time and a lot of commitment. She literally worked my mind as hard as my body and after 10 personal training sessions, I think I finally am on the way to what I have always wanted. She is a very special person who not only is incredibly educated in her craft but gets people and LISTENS! I recommend her training to anyone." Carol B.

"When I got engaged in June of 2011, I knew I had some serious work to do to really wow at my May 2013 wedding. After trying to do it alone, I realized that dieting and ineffective workouts (I really hate running!) only left me defeated and unhappy. My New Year's Resolution was to not only be fit on my wedding day, but strong! I started with Zumba® and Zumba® Toning and Natalie's classes were exactly what I was looking for. The weight was coming off and I knew I had to stick with it, so I added Cardio BootCANp and I added some of the drills to my routine at home. I have lost 20 pounds, 2 inches, and went from being completely unable to do a real push up to being about to do 15 in a row! Natalie is inspirational and while it's not always easy, it is ALWAYS fun. I looked exactly how I hoped at my wedding, and even better on the honeymoon, wearing a bikini for the first time in years! Natalie has helped me reach my goals and I can't wait to set new ones with her!" Ann W.

"I am a convert! I resisted the craze through many requests by my friend to "come with me! you will love it!". I thought she had lost a nut being that excited to go to a workout. So I went to Cardio BootCANp and I was infected within minutes. Natalie made me feel like I had more energy than I really had. She cares about what she does and you cannot help but get inspired by that passion. The amount of people in that room moving together shocked me because I am used to more private workouts. But the feeling was powerful and maybe even empowering?! I recommend this for everyone to at least try ONCE. Most likely you will be back!" - Sue K.

"So my journey began about 2 years ago at my yearly checkup. My cholesterol was 166 which is very high. My doctor put me on medication which did not agree with me. She wanted to try another med. I knew I was overweight so I decided to try no meds and loose weight. Patty Maniff, my cousin, was telling me about this wonderful Zumba® Fitness instructor, Natalie. I went to a class and was instantly hooked. One year later upon returning to the doctor I was down 15 pounds and the best news was my cholesterol was down to just about normal. Now it has been a year and half later since my first class with Natalie. I am now down 22 pounds and 3 pant sizes. Thank you Natalie for being so inspiring and keeping me motivated. I haven't felt this good in years!" - Joyce H.

"Zumba®, Zumba® Toning, Cardio Weights, Cardio BootCANp, Conditioning Club, Bod Squad, Cardio Kickboxing, running on a treadmill....that is what brought me to where I am today!
Yes I can do burpees too! I now use stairs 100% of the time. I have the confidence to jump onto a step. My muscle and bone strength has increased immensely...I can carry my grand children and their toys up and down the steps without gasping for air! I get on the floor and play and can run around the park and not get tired...priceless! My blood pressure was high but has now dropped to normal levels. Not to mention all the inches that are melting from my body. Incredible really. 60 pounds lost, over 11 inches just from January until now and I anticipate more results as I begin personal training with Natalie. Hey I'm 60 and strong! I love my family and want to be around for a long time! And now, I am pretty sure I will be..."
- Barbara F.

"I just completed my first Cardio BootCANp with Natalie. My benefits far exceeded my expectations. I have been solely a runner and spinner for the better part of a decade but felt I needed a little change. My girlfriend kept saying 'you need to try this!'. Finally I went. The room had to have had 100 people in it. The energy was visible. One thought went through my head....WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG? From the first beat she electrified that room and I moved in ways my body has never been accustomed to, I did drills, I kickboxed, I laughed, I cried ( a little) and walked away feeling exhilarated. This woman leads you to believe it is just a fun class. She is genius. She creates an interval rich class that challenges you, works every muscles and leaves you feeling so accomplished. If you haven't tried it, what are you waiting for? This is what fitness should be about." - Lori C.

"I started Zumba® in January and it's now August, down 2 sizes, tons more energy and have the time of my life dancing with Natalie 4 times a week!! This is the my #1 workout ever!!! (Have not found anyone that does it quite like Natalie)." -Terry S.

"Zumba® class $10, babysitter $15, water $1, having to buy all new clothes because nothing fits when you've lost 20 pounds and 4 jeans sizes: PRICELESS. I've been taking Natalie's class since March 2010 and it has added such a positive spin to my life. The confidence, the feeling of being more comfortable in my own skin and the new little Zumba® family I feel like I'm a part of, is something I've never experienced before. Who gets excited to workout? People that Zumba® with Natalie! She makes us feel like Shakira so we barely notice the sweat dripping off our chins. I LOVE IT!!!!" - Cindy RG.

"Zumba® is amazing! I tried a million ways to get in shape and nothing has been more fun than this class with Natalie. She makes me have energy when I think I have none left and her passion for Zumba® keeps me going! Down 22 pounds since October 2009!".-Angela R.

"Zumba® with Natalie is by far the best all around workout I have ever done! I have been doing it for a year now and I am slimmer, more tone, more flexible and have a ton more energy! Natalie is such an amazing instructor, she's high energy, super fun and constantly adding new material to keep things fresh! If you haven't tried Zumba® with Natalie yet, you are missing out!" - Chrissy D.

"I have been taking classes with Natalie for a while. I love that Zumba® doesn't "feel" like exercise, but yet you are burning loads of calories while having fun. I used to dance when I was younger and this brings me back and lets me be me. Natalie inspires me, she's a wonderful instructor." - Denise B.

"I am not a dancer by any means and suddenly feel like I am on Dancing With The Stars! Zumba® classes with Natalie have done just as much for me mentally as physically. I feel better and have confidence to dance like no one is watching! Thank you!"- Kim T.

"I was hesitant to take Zumba® because I was one of the only guys at the gym, but Natalie's class is for everyone. I got a great cardio workout and sweat pretty comparable to my toughest workout in college ball! She is funny and quite the motivator." - Reggie D.

"Zumba® has changed my life. I love the way I feel, look and move! I find I have more energy and confidence in the way I carry myself and move. Natalie's class has been my escape and I've met such wonderful people each week. I recommend it for at least a try!" - Gina I.

"I recently tried Natalie's Zumba® class and I have to say I have never sweat like that before! Having done it before at a local gym my expectations weren't too high. She changed my perception on Zumba and I can't stress enough how finding the right teacher makes all the difference. Zumba is so different from anything I have done. I feel more alert, energized and maybe ready to dance with confidence at my son's wedding in July!" - Claire M.

"All I did was trip over myself the first few times I took a class. When I went to Natalie's class she stayed with me after and broke down the basics and told me to just let loose and enjoy. That was 4 months and 14 lbs ago. I am inspired by your energy and fearlessness to shake what you got!!! Thank you."- Jasila R.

"I just started taking Zumba® at Winthrop School of Arts with Natalie. Wow, what I thought was Zumba® before doesn't compare! She is awesome and one of the best instructors I have ever seen. Having been a dancer and have taken aerobics for over 25 years, I know when I am getting a solid workout and I haven't sweat like this in years. She always is smiling and truly enjoying the dancing which makes me love it TOO! I am hooked!" - Barbara O.

"You know you aren't pushing yourself enough when your 8 month pregnant instructor is moving more than you! Ha! Natalie your class just brings a smile to my face. I followed you from Gold's to Winthrop and will keep following you. Your smile and silly nature makes me realize that my 7 left feet are just fine the way there are, as long as I am MOVING! Thank you for making me lose weight, gain friends and learn how to shake it. Mija, your mommy is looking down and  is so proud of you :)". - Priscilla

"Zumba® petrified me! LOL!!!!!! But I needed to lose weight for health reasons and I found Natalie searching the web one night. The first few times I didn't know what to do with myself but kept at it and her energy and smile had me. The 3rd time I went she told me she would help me and then proceeded to spend 1.5 hours with me dancing, talking, and encouraging me to just move. At my recent appointment my doctor said my blood pressure was down and cholesterols looked good. I have never felt better! Thank you!" - Dianne

"I am a transplant as I just recently moved to the Boston area during the winter. I have taken numerous Zumba® classes and have not been impressed at all. Until my friend dragged me to a Tuesday night class with Natalie. I literally was hooked in the first song. She has an energy about her that makes you want to dance and let loose. I have kept at it for 7 weeks now religiously. I love every move and couldn't believe how easy she makes it for us to follow - she wants us to succeed and though I am no rockette, I can hang with the best! She will never know how she motivated me to stick with this and make positive changes for my health. I guess I am a Zumba® fanatic after all!" - Robin

"Bootcamp - the term scared me! I tried a few prior and never succeeded. I knew it was going to be hard but I could not for the life of me stick with it. Then my friend Barbara dragged me to Cottage Park Yacht Club in Winthrop, a town I knew little about but have since grown to love! Within 5 minutes of the class I was hooked. Natalie has a way of making you feel ok within your own skin and own capability. I just completed my second bootcamp with her and am down 13 lbs and feel fantastic! Although I have a long road ahead of me, I am confident I am building the tools each day to stay successful. We do small goals in bootcamp and that has been the most powerful tool for me. I have stuck to my small goals and they really have become part of my lifestyle. If you are putting off beginning a workout routine, go to Natalie. She helps you find a way to make it 'stick'. She makes it practical, fun, and effective! Tell them Lisa sent you :)" -Lisa G.